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Sunday Feb 2th 2020 – Punta Alta, Argentina

6.00 - I start my day.
6.02 - Checking WhatsApp messages.

Need to check S monthly transfer.
Need to take med.
Need to check UFASTA.

6.12 - All WhatsApp messages OK.

I need to clean Lap screen.

6.25 - Finished my Colegio de Ingenieros de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Sede Bahía Blanca summary.
6.26 - Moving the physical notepad.
6.29 - Going for breakfast.

Need to move the lap downstairs.

6.46 - Breakfast OK.
6.56 - Lap is downstairs now. Going to remove the touchscreen.

 el ‎13-05-2015 09:05 PM
Hola amigo.... justo tenia el mismo problema te dire como lo solucione....
*- Ve a administrador de Dispositivos 
* en la lista bueca el apartado "dispositivos de interfaz de usuario HID
* da clic para que se despliegue la lista 
* busca algo como Pantalla compatible con HID clic derecho y Desactivar 
en mi caso la Lap no tenia esta opcion pero desactive el primero de arriba hacia abajo que decia 
con eso funciono y dejo de pulsarse como loca la pantalla SALUDOS ESPERO TE SIRVA 

7.19 - Solved "pantalla táctil" so far.
7.22 - Going to the bookmarks.
10.21 - Bookmarks ready. Going to move the lap to he living. Going to restart the lap.
12.44 - Updated info on my 7Cups Gmail e-mail address. Updated the two notepad files.
13.00 - Published on Istagram F small cups picture.
15.07 -
15.29 - Closed today's Lumosity activities without performing them:
15.30 - Going to check Yahoo (translate into English M CV) and close some windows. Also, delete some now unnecessary files.
16.48 - Translated M CV into English, Rev. 1. Asked him to check it so as to eventually create Rev. 2.
16.51 - Attached in this post the reason why lasts day of January (I think 30th) is the "Técnico Electrónic" day.

17.03 – Inserted the S poster about the Chinese Coronavirus.

19.16 – I attach here a technical magazine.

19.23 - I saw this excellent youtube video about Refrigeration:
19.32 - WebWhatsApp
19.45 -
20.05 - 61 pictures in Google pictures sent to the trash.
20.06 - Deleted an old installation WordPress file.

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